Ash vs Evil Dead Comics

Every Evil Dead fan knows just what they need to go along with their Boomstick: Evil Dead 2 comic books! Join Ash and Annie they take on an army of darkness and attempt to stop the forces of evil! MerchGoat’s Evil Dead 2 comic book series titles include “Beyond Dead by Dawn,” “A Merry Deadite X-Mas,” “Cradle of the Damned,” “Dark Ones Rising,” “Revenge of Dracula,” “Revenge of Hitler,” “Revenge of Jack the Ripper,” “Revenge of the Martians,” “Revenge of Krampus” and “Tales of the Ex-Mortis.”

These Evil Dead 2 comics are great for all fans of The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and of course, Ash and Evil Dead. Whether you’re on Team Ash or Team Deadite, MerchGoat’s Evil Dead 2 comics are sure to give you your fill of undead fun! All of our comics are available as single issues, many with special edition and alternative covers.

Evil Dead 2 Graphic Novels & Mini-Series

If you prefer your comics to be as portable as a Necronomicon, the complete mini-series graphic novel editions of our Evil Dead 2 series includes bonus extras, including cover galleries, designs and character sketches. Picking up where the Evil Dead 2 movie left off, these three mini-series bridge the gap between Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. All three mini-series compilations create the “Sequel Before to the Sequel,” telling you what happened before Army of Darkness in these 100% officially licensed and certified groovy products. Starting with “Beyond Dead by Dawn,” Ash and Annie are in Hell, fighting to save Annie’s parents and stop the Deadites. “Beyond Dead by Dawn” is available in original and deluxe editions. “Cradle of the Damned” finds Ash and Annie back from Hell, only to end up in the Mirror Dimension. The third and final chapter, “Dark Ones Rising,” has Ash and Annie fighting to stop the end of the world, and survive the Dark One. All three mini-series are written by Frank Hannah.

Evil Dead Comic Book Singles and Bundles

The Evil Dead 2 single issues are available in bundles, for savings so good they’re downright evil! has theme bundles for sale, including the “Revenge” bundle, which give your a hearty helping of revengeful monsters. The Evil Dead 2 “Everything” bundle has just that: EVERYTHING! This bundle includes all of the Evil Dead 2 comics, including all single issues and the “Beyond Dead by Dawn” and “Cradle of the Damned” graphic novel compilations. The single issues of “Beyond Dead by Dawn” are also available in a bundle, so you can get all three issues at one low price. Whatever your Evil Dead 2 comic book needs are, has the compilation, bundle, or issue for you!


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