Nerd Boss T-Shirts & Trucker Hats

Want to really show people you are a true nerd boss? Grab one of our Nerd Boss shirts, hats, or “starter” kits with the Nerd Boss logo in plain view. These affordable pieces of geek chic apparel make it clear that you are part of the scene and not just dabbling. Whether you’re a blogger, gamer, creator, or just a major fan, our apparel lets people know who you are and where you stand in popular culture.

Nerd Boss Trucker Hats

Start with our Nerd Boss hat, a trucker-style cap in black with clean white lettering. The bill is slightly curved for better shade, and the logo is large and completely visible. This durable hat is adjustable and fits most people’s heads. Dealing with someone who doesn’t believe your geek street cred? Bring out the hat and leave that person in the dust as you walk away.

Nerd Boss T-Shirts

Our T-shirts are even better. They’re made from 100 percent cotton — we swear over and over that it is from nowhere near Innsmouth — that is soft and washable. Follow the instructions on the label to avoid shrinkage. The shirts are available in several sizes and offers a unisex fit, so anyone in the family can wear one. The shirts tend to fall at mid-hip, making them perfect for wearing tucked in or untucked.

Nerd Boss Fashion

But if you really want to show that you know your geek stuff, get our full kit with a hat, shirt, and a button so that you are prepared to wear your Nerd Boss label at any time. The kit is an economical way to get all of the Nerd Boss goods for you and your friends, if there’s anyone you consider your equal in geekdom. With that additional button, even your backpack can show people that you know what you’re talking about.

And More!

Of course, you shouldn’t stop at just labeling yourself physically. Check out our selection of geek goods, from our Evil Dead 2 comics and board games and Terminator board games to our selection of graphic novels, stickers, and more. We carry several themes including Dark Lily, Monster Elementary, Eternal Descent, Gay Centaur Rights, and original comics from Space Goat, like Big Game Hunters and the Ded Zeppelin T-shirt. We’ve even got prose novels if you want to savor words and not pictures.

MerchGoat carries the merchandise you need to complete your geek look and library. Set up an account with us for fast shipping and efficient customer service. We’re your go-to online store for Nerd Boss goods and more!



Nerd Boss Geek Chic ClothingNerd Boss Geek Chic Clothing