Big Game Hunters Comic Book: The Tales of the Lizard Baron Book One


UPC: 978-1-941581-30-8
Price: $12.99
Rating: Teen+
Frequency: Collection
Writer: Shon C. Bury
Art and Cover: Jok, Estudio Haus
Genre: Action & Adventure, Steampunk
Publication Date: January 2017
Format: Softcover, FC, Digest (6″x9″)
Page Count: 96 pages
ON SALE DATE: January 15th
Diamond Order #: NOV161762 F


Big Game Hunters: The Tales of the Lizard Baron Book One


In a Victorian steampunk world, monsters and creatures of the night are not going to fit in. Someone has to round them up and put them away. That’s the job of the Big Game Hunters, a rag-tag band of Steampunk Victorian monster hunters with mad skills, blunderbusses and a nose for trouble. In their first complete 3-part adventure, they exterminate a creature in the Scottish Highlands only to discover their reward is a trip to a seemingly deserted Prussian village courtesy of their mysterious benefactor in the Queen’s Directorate. All is not as it seems and the Lizard Baron threatens to stop the Big Game Hunters almost as soon as they’ve started.

WHAT IS IT … A rag-tag group of monster hunters in a fun, fast-paced romp around a Steampunk Victorian world!

FOR FANS OF …Hellboy, The Walking Dead, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Evil Dead 2.

WHAT HAPPENS After exterminating a creature in the Scottish Highlands, the mystery behind the mission from the hunters’ enigmatic benefactor in the Queen’s Directorate deepens when they are sent to a deserted Prussian village. Beware the Lizard Baron, Monster Hunters! Beware!

“Big Game Hunters” pulls you in with its gorgeous Gothic artwork and coloring and keeps you interested with its fascinating monsters and intriguing world.”

– Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin


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