Eternal Descent Comic Book: Lyra #1


Eternal Descent: Lyra #1  (One-Shot)
Price: $3.99
Rating: Teen+
Frequency: One-Shot
Writer: Adam Hamdy
Art: Pericles Junior
Cover: Tom Fleming
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror
Publication Date: Summer 2016
Format: Comic Book, FC
Page Count: 22 pages
ON SALE DATE: Summer 2016


Eternal Descent returns with Lyra #1! The comic that has featured appearances from Joe Satriani, Static X, and God Forbid explodes onto the main stage once more! Our heavy metal epic continues with a focus on Lyra, the Succubus warrior. Written by Adam Hamdy and Illustrated by Pericles Junior, Eternal Descent: Lyra is your jumping-on point to the most metal comics around!

Eternal Descent: Lyra Product Details

WHAT IS IT: This is a brand-new one-shot companion and sequel to the first 2 volumes of Eternal Descent!

FOR FANS OF: Spawn, Ghost Rider, The Crow–and METAL!!!!

WHAT HAPPENS: The first in a slate of one-shot origin stories exploring the major players in this heavy metal fantasy. Discover Lyra’s unconventional upbringing, the mystery surrounding her parent’s death, and a strange connection to the supernatural that has haunted her since childhood. If that’s not enough, you’ll see the titular rock star succubus tear it up on stage and get exclusive backstage access!


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