Evil Dead 2 Comic Book: Revenge of Dracula (Cover A)


UPC – Standard Cover A & Variant Cover B: 711099797329 00111
Price: $3.99
Rating: Teen+
Frequency: One Shot
Writer: Scott Peterson
Art: Yvel Guichet and Horacio Domingues
Cover: Yvel Guichet & Joe Rubinstein (Cover A), Kelley Jones (Cover B)
Genre: Horror
Publication Date: July
Format: Comic Book, FC
Page Count: 32 pages


Dracula, the Prince of Darkness becomes the Prince of the Evil Dead Universe when his undead path crosses with Ash. When the stolen Ex-Mortis is used to revive Dracula, Ash must be the wooden stake that sends him back to the grave. But when Drac reveals the Ex-Mortis has also revived an even greater monster, Ash and the vampire must team up to stop it with the help of the Kandarian dagger.

This book features a cover by Yvel Guichet and Joe Rubinstein.

WHAT IS IT: This is a brand-new one-shot companion to Evil Dead: Revenge of Hitler #1!

FOR FANS OF: Evil Dead, vampires, Dracula, Buffy!

WHAT HAPPENS: Ash, demons, brides, Dracula, Ex-Mortis and the Kandarian dagger star in this groovy Ash / Dracula team-up. Two iconic horror classics learn that it takes two to tango with an even greater menace and only one’s gonna survive the damage.


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