Mage Inc. #3 Space Goat Comic Book


UPC: 711099797176 03011
Price: $3.99
Rating: Teen+
Frequency: Bi-Monthly
Writer: Shon C. Bury
Art and Cover: Ian Waryanto, Aris Aguiar
Genre: Action & Adventure, Supernatural
Publication Date: September 2015
Format: Comic Book, FC
Page Count: 32 pages
Diamond Order Code: JUL151591



Keira and Albert uncover the rogue mage Clious’ nefarious plot and move to bring him down with a one-two magic punch of covert ops and tricky new spellcasting. But what’s the deal with Clious’ new apprentice and why-why-why are all the Quarra Witches attacking?! This is where it all ends— the grand finale of the first arc of everyone’s favorite unpaid magic intern.

WHAT IS IT … The trials, mishaps, and adventures of Keira Zeleznovova, an everyday teen girl who takes an unpaid internship at the dysfunctional Mage, Inc.

FOR FANS OF … Harry Potter, Courtney Crumrin, Batgirl, and Ms. Marvel.

WHAT HAPPENS … For readers of every age, Keira’s adventures as an unpaid intern of a curmudgeonly mentor will delight and entertain. Join her as she quickly unlocks secrets that were never meant to be unlocked and dodges more near-death experiences than any intern should have to face!


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