Mage Inc. Trade Paperback


MAGE, INC. Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-941581-32-2
Price: $15.99
Rating: Teen+
Writer: Shon C. Bury
Art and Cover: Ian Waryanto, Davi Comodo
Genre: Action & Adventure, Supernatural
Publication Date: January 2016
Format: Graphic Novel Softcover, FC
Page Count: 96 pages
Diamond Order Code: NOV161763 F


Keira Zeleznovova gets way more than she bargained for on her first day as an unpaid intern at Mage, Inc. A homunculus is summoned, a mage dies, magic fights magic, and then there’s all that paperwork! Book One collects the first three issues, the complete story arc of “The Intern.” With bonus extras, including sketches, behind-the-scenes artwork, and a sneak preview of the next Mage, Inc. mini-series.

WHAT IS IT … The trials, mishaps, and adventures of Keira Zeleznovova, an everyday teen girl who goes to work at the dysfunctional Mage, Inc.

FOR FANS OF … Harry Potter, Courtney Crumrin, Batgirl, and Ms. Marvel.

WHAT HAPPENS For readers of every age, Keira’s adventures with her curmudgeonly mentor will delight and entertain. Join her as she quickly realizes there’s more near-death experiences to magic than she ever imagined. And it’s only her first day on the job!


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