My Other Ride is a Gay Centaur sticker


This “Support Gay Centaur Rights” Sticker will tell the world just how much you love gay centaurs and riding them. (Riding upon them of course)


Who cares about where a child is an honor student or your political stance? Your car bumper should express what really matters, that you’ve ridden upon a Gay Centaur! Centaurs are exceedingly underrepresented creatures in today’s world, gracing places like Narnia and the Forbidden Forest sparingly, but the gay centaur is even less widely regarded. It is a creature of grace and charm and intelligence and an uncanny knack for baking delicious pies.  The My Other Ride is a Gay Centaur Sticker is easy to apply and shows where your true riding loyalty lies.


My Other Ride is a Gay Centaur sticker Product Details

Very sticky

Additional information

Weight .001 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × .001 in