Nerd Boss Trucker Hat


Living that #nerdlife? Our Nerd Boss Trucker hat lets you flaunt your Geek Chic and strut your Nerd Couture.
Offers +5 to Nerd Fashion and +4 to charisma.

One size fits most. Except that guy over there. Poor guy.


Nerd Boss: Its a lifestyle brand.

There are a lot of nerds nowadays, but are you a Nerd Boss?

You aren’t a passive, garden variety nerd.  You’re involved in fandom. You’re gaming, making, crafting,  LARPing, writing, grinding, editing wikis, theorizing, drawing, coding, cosplaying, fan-fic-ing, shipping.

With this Nerd Boss Trucker Hat you can showcase your geek chic while crafting an article about the character arcs in Doctor Who. You can highlight your Nerd Couture while putting the final touches on the huge cosplay that you’ve been working six months on. Throw your Nerd Boss Trucker Hat up in victory when you compile the Kernel for the hundredth and this time it finally works!

We already know you’re a Nerd Boss, but with our new advance in nerd fashion, you can show the world.


Nerd Boss Trucker Hat Product Info

One size fits all. Adjustable.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 4 in