Revenge of Evil Dead 2 TPB



ISBN-13: 978-1-64017-062-9
Price: $22.99
Rating: Teen+
Writers: Ian Edginton, Scott Peterson, Ty Templeton, Georgia Ball
Art: Kevin West, Horacio Domingues, Eduardo Vienna, Francisco Mauriz, Dave Youkovich, Vincenzo Riccardi, Chris Summers, House of Imagi
Cover: Vincenzo Riccardi
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror
Publication Date: July 2017
Format: TPB, FC
Page Count: 140 pages

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Revenge of Evil Dead 2 TPB

WHAT IS IT … 30th Anniversary! The complete collection of all seven issues of the Revenge of Evil Dead 2 series, containing Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Hitler, Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula Evil Dead 2: Revenge of the Martians, Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Jack the Ripper, Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Krampus, and  Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Evil Ed parts 1 and 2.

FOR FANS OF … Evil Dead 2, The Walking Dead, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

WHAT HAPPENS … Celebrate 30 years of Evil Dead 2 with this complete collection of Revenge of Evil Dead 2! Undead Nazis! Famous Deadites! Demons Galore! This tome brings all the excitement of action-packed carnage with only a small chance of unleashing hell on earth!