Rocket Queen and the Wrench Comic Book #1


SKU: RQW00101
UPC: 711099797190 01011
Price: $3.99
Rating: Teen+
Frequency: Monthly
Writer: Justin Peniston
Art and Cover: Ramanda Kamarga, Rainer Petters, Garry Henderson
Genre: Superhero, Action & Adventure
Publication Date: August 2015
Format: Comic Book, FC
Page Count: 32 pages

Diamond Order #: JUN151513 F
ON SALE DATE: August 26th

”A Saturday-morning cartoon quality.” –Comic Bastards


First issue! Iron Man meets Harry Potter in this superhero fantasy coming-of-age story. When a troubled boy discovers his father works for The Zoom Family of armored heroes, can he turn his life around and become a hero by hanging out with some of the best?

WHAT IS IT: Rocket Queen and the Wrench is about heroes and villains, friendship and family, and appreciating the things we have in the face of the things we lose. The first story arc takes place over the course of a summer, and explores the dangers of being a hero as well as the dangers of loving someone, whether family, friend, or something more.

FOR FANS OF: Batgirl, Ms. Marvel, Leave It To Chance (Remember that one!)

WHAT HAPPENS: What if Alfred Pennyworth had a daughter about Robin’s age? What sorts of adventures would they have? Jamie Baldwin’s estranged father works for The Zoom Family, a premier team of armored heroes and his childhood friend Katsumi is the heroine known as Rocket-Queen. Jamie can’t help but get involved in her impetuous quest to find her mother’s killer and bring him to justice. Action and adventure ensue, as do joy, pain, and sacrifice. It’s hard to hang out with heroes without learning how to be one.


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