Space Goat Adult Unisex T-Shirt


Space Goat has a lot of cool characters, but we all know that the Space Goat is the best one. Our Space Goat Adult Unisex T-Shirt is proof.


Space Goats are rare, shy creatures with a tendency to emotionally bond with cats. But they are beautiful, and they love to read and write comic books. Sport this clever t-shirt that proudly represents the Space Goat Productions company and logo, without blatantly shouting out its name. Your friends will ask. Your enemies will ask. Your friends of your enemies will ask. “What’s that goat for?” And then you can say “it’s the Space Goat!” The Space Goat Adult Unisex T-Shirt flatters all and goes great any fashion choice you might be making that particular day. Need to dress formally? Space Goat tee. Need to go for a run? Space Goat tee. Need to eat some spaghetti? ….Space Goat tee with an adult sized bib. Grab yours today! (Bib not included with purchase of Space Goat tee.)

Space Goat Adult Unisex T-Shirt Product Info

100% Cotton

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Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 1 in