Space Goat Productions Navy Ringer T-Shirt


Fun fact: Now you can a shirt of the most fun comic book mascot ever.


Space Goat has a lot of cool characters, but we all know that the Space Goat is the best one. Our Space Goat Productions Navy Ringer T-Shirt is proof.

If you’re out stargazing under a deep blue sky in the warm summer air, you want to be clothed appropriately, and what suits that scenario better than this Space Goat Productions Navy Ringer T-Shirt? It’s like this soft 100% cotton was made to caress your body as you marvel at the wonder of the universe, the little space goat on your chest dreaming of its days among the planets. So don’t hesitate, grab your best star gazing blanket, this tee shirt, some snacks and prepare for your imagination to run wild!

Night time skies filled with twinkling stars might be the best thing…next to the navy accenting on this shirt, of course.

Space Goat Productions Navy Ringer T-Shirt Product Info

100% Cotton

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 1 in