The Terminator™: The Official Board Game

When it comes to movie board games, one movie franchise stands out. The Terminator is one of those that is watched by fans over and over again. Of course you’ve wanted a Terminator board game to play in your own time. Now is your chance thanks to Space Goat Productions.
Terminator Board Game on Kickstarter

Kickstarter Campaign for The Terminator Board Game Launched

There’s no game officially created yet, but it is in the works. Space Goat Productions launched its own Kickstarter campaign for a new board game, featuring the futuristic machines. The game will be based on the original 1984 movie, which featured the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger in the titular role.

Unlike many other board games, The Terminator board game will be asymmetrical. It also takes place across the two different timelines in the movie. There’s a chance to take control of Skynet, including all the machines, while everyone else becomes the resistance struggling against the uprising of robots and creatures.

It’s Only the Original

There have been unofficial Terminator board games in the past, where they’ve focused on the different movies. Take away everything you know and remember about the sequels and remakes. They’re not important to this beautifully created masterpiece.

This is your chance to join the machines, take over and rise up against the humans. Likewise, you can resist the future and ensure human peace on Earth.

And yes, those in the 1984 side of the game will be able to change the future. Watch out if you’re in the 2029 setting, because there may be factors completely out of your control affecting your next game play.

Human vs. Skynet: Custom Miniatures Created

Space Goat Productions is no stranger to creating beautiful artwork for movie board games. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this is the plan for The Terminator board game.

There will be miniatures of the 1984 movie characters created. These characters include Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, the Skynet Terminator, and even the vehicles of the future. There are also mission and action cards that will help to set the story and create the path to success, whichever side will win.

It’s Your Chance to Become a Part of Something Bigger

Like with its Evil Dead 2 board game, Space Goat Productions has opted for the Kickstarter campaign to create its Terminator board game. This means the production company needs your help. This is the chance for you to put your money into the game and help become a part of the future.

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